Space (volumes of air) cannot be lit! The electromagnetic energy known as light is not visible until it hits surfaces and reflects from them or transmits through them. Objects and surfaces are lit to enable occupants to perceive space volume. The principles and techniques discussed in Architectural Lighting Design 3rd Edition (ALD3e) lay the groundwork for creative lighting solutions addressing vision and psyche issues for occupants.

News and Events

[May 3-7, 2009]

New York City. LIGHTFAIR INTERNATIONAL Annual Institute, Trade Show, and Conference.

[September 27-29, 2009]

Dubai. light Middle East  Trade Show and Conference.

[October 9-13 and 15-18, 2009]

Washington. US DOE Solar Decathlon. Collegiate competition.

[November 15-17, 2009]

Seattle. Illuminating Engineering Society Annual Conference.

[February 4-5, 2010]

London. The ARC Show.

[April 11-16, 2010]

Frankfurt. Light + Building Biennial Exhibition and Conference.


Online. Wiley Continuing Education at WileyCPE.com.

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